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App Development

Professional apps are the virtual identities of businesses that hope to establish their presence online. With millions of apps vying for audience attention, it is clear that only the very best can truly capture the eye of the target audience in such a way that the viewer is persuaded to interact more closely with the business. In effect, the mark of a successful professional app lies in its ability to engage the viewer effectively and take him or her a step closer to conversion.

Creating professional apps that weave this kind of magic is our forte at nectarsoft. Our team of designers has the experience and exposure to understand your needs and align them with the preferences of the target audience, thus creating an app that fulfills all your objectives while pulling in the right kind of attention for you.

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Custom Software

Only when your business is powered by the right kind of software can you enjoy maximum efficiencies in every aspect. To make sure that the software you use is the best one for your business, the ideal solution is to opt for custom software development. At nectarsoft, our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced developers bring some impressive skills to fore to create the most efficient and streamlined custom software for your needs.

A critical aspect in custom software development is that it needs to be tested thoroughly at development stage so that it can be seamlessly integrated into existing operations right from day 1!

Translating your concept and business idea into a viable tool that can power your business is a complex matter but we can do it with ease thanks to our experience creating software for various business segments with widely differing parameters. Our impeccable domain and IP knowledge as well as our ability to understand client needs and transpose them into a custom software enable us to exceed your expectations in this respect.

At present we have carried out custom software development projects, and delivered educational management software, utilities tracking software, time management software, training software, property management software, manufacturing control software and automated quoting software for clients.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing is a core activity for any business and the increasing dependence of the audience on the internet as a tool for shopping makes online marketing a very critical tool in your marketing arsenal. Without an effective and efficient online marketing strategy in place, your business cannot remain competitive in the present day marketplace. That is where nectarsoft can play a valuable role in scripting your business success.

Our team brings to the table a deep understanding of marketplace dynamics, an insight into the changing preferences of the current audience and the evolving technological tools that can deliver the results you seek. This powerful combination of skills and knowledge enables us to create a comprehensive online marketing strategy to dramatically improve your business’ visibility in the market, enhance brand awareness and actively encourage better conversions through a variety of tools and techniques. We will make use of all viable tools and channels including social media, emails, content and more to get your business the attention it deserves.


System Integration

Advancing technology is often complex and this poses a challenge when you need to align these advancements to your existing systems to pave the way for streamlined operations. Add to this the fact that business environments are also undergoing transformation practically on an ongoing basis. Together these two factors create a need for effective business systems integration that allows the organization to push forward with disruption free operations while improving its performance levels.

At nectarsoft we are ideally placed to provide the systems integration solutions that will add value to your business simply because we understand the various complexities that abound in the IT arena. We make sure that you have tech solutions that are perfectly aligned to your business objectives and the nature of your business.

If you are looking for an innovative way to connect applications, processes and systems so that your business efficiency improves, then we are the people you should talk to. We will help you combine disparate systems so that you can optimize the use of resources to the max. Our solutions bring the best of the newest technology in a way that is customized to blend in with your existing environment seamlessly. With nectarsoft, you have comprehensive systems integration solutions that have the flexibility to adapt to the ever- changing technology scenario.

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Technological Advantage!

From educational management system and training or time management software to utilities tracking, property management and manufacturing control software – with nectarsoft you get the technology you need from the people your industry trusts. Open or closed source we have the technology and skillsets to provide the solution.

Innovation Advantage!

Love of technology is a common passion we share at nectarsoft. We are constantly reading, discussing, self-educating and getting trained in the use of innovative technology, or innovative uses of existing technology. By embracing technology, we have empowered ourselves to find innovative ways of delivering on the expectations of our clients.

Claim your success!

Our proprietary mix of tradition and innovation has created multiple success stories for nectarsoft clients. This is also the reason why our valued clients have maintained profitable business relationships with us through decades. Some of our business relationships are as old as nectarsoft itself.

Nectarsoft is known as the "go-to" firm for when you really want something done. We are an online marketing powerhouse, the most dependable firm in custom software development and the number one creator of professional websites and superior customer service.
Nectarsoft was founded on the vision of making custom software development more attainable, affordable and unrestricted for individuals and businesses. Johan Prinsloo established it early in the May of 2000, and since then the company has transcended the traditional barriers of business by growing with leaps and bounds.
Today we are an established technical, operational and thought leader in Education, Training and HR Systems that power small and large businesses. One of the strongest drivers of this growth has been our belief, that a nectarsoft job is complete only when clients see hard returns on their investment.
Operating from the forefront of technological innovation, nectarsoft is an avant-garde software development and online marketing firm that provides the complete range of software and services you need to scale profitably.

“Businesses have only two functions – innovation and marketing” – Peter Drucker

If your business philosophy bears coherence with that of the father of modem management (Peter Drucker) nectarsoft can help you both functions in the most adequate, efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We take great pride in being the custom-software-development company of choice for businesses large and small, which are serious about gaining competitive advantage. In addition, we have the reputation of providing top notch online marketing services. From setting up high-quality, fully functional professional websites that are optimized expertly for search engines, to creating and implementing comprehensive online marketing strategies that put you at the top of the marketing game – we have the knowledge, skills and experience to make you a marketing sensation. Rise above competition with breakthrough technology and time-tested solutions. We are a bona fide company with a straightforward mission of doing whatever it takes to make things happen for you. This has turned it into a motto at the company – We will make it happen! And sure, that's what we will do. It's a nectarsoft promise!

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